Decatur Church of God
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Growing Into A Mature Relationship With Christ
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Sunday Activities

7:00 AM: Prayer

9:00 AM: Worship Service
*Nursery Available
9:30 AM: G.I.G.ville
*age 4-4th grade

10:30 AM: Sunday School *all ages
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December 2016
January 2017

  Christians Glorifying God: 

    "Helping Families Grow Into A
          Mature Relationship In Christ"    
        Sharing His Love 

      Proclaiming His Word 

    Teaching Obedience

    Fellowshipping with Others                                                      

    Using Our gifts and resources, and

    Mobilizing Ourselves for Service

                     Every Member is a Minister

1129 Mercer Ave

Decatur, Indiana 46733

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